Brain mapping to aid teaching

The Attainment Center for Neuroeducation utilizes brain mapping to aid private teaching practices and develop better understanding of individual learning […]

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Better Learning through Neuroscience

Welcome to the Attainment Center for Neuroeducation website. We use applied neuroscience for promoting better teaching practices and facilitating learning in educational settings. The ACN seeks to accelerate learning outcomes and develop specialized training programs. In addition, we draw from developmental, social, behavioral, cognitive psychology, and performing arts fields. Our program objectives consider fundamental concepts in learning that underlie the function the entire nervous system which produces behavior and cognition. New technologies are integrated with evidence-based teaching techniques within the fields of education and music. The knowledge gained from this interdisciplinary approach may be applicable to other fields for accelerating academic growth and enhancing professional development.

Dr. Mark Zinn owns and operates the ACN to provide coaching, optimal performance training, and educational assessment services. Dr. Zinn has a diverse background combining the performing arts, psychology, cognitive neuroscience, and education. He has developed an evidence-based piano system with objectives for improving the learning process based on age and individual learning needs.


What is optimal performance training?

Advancements in brain imaging have allowed us to see what’s happening in the brain during performance. Neuroscience has shown that optimal performance is about having the correct balance and coordination…